4-8 Piece Bands

From big band Beyonce arrangements to dancefloor versions of Sam Smith tunes. KD will break it down for a freestyle rap, and then build it back up til everyone’s hands are in the air.

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Soloists Duos & Trios

Stripped back and acoustic. Where we deliver beautiful, raw melodies over charming and familiar guitar lines.

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DJ Bands

The best of both worlds, by incorporating the non-stop beats of a DJ, mixed with live vocals, horns, percussion and more.

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Special Guests

Want something just a little bit fancy? From tap dancers and string sections to beatboxers, and MC’s as a solo act or in uniquely crafted sets with the band.


We have profile DJs who have toured the world, specialising in Open Format, R&B, House, Retro genres, and more.

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